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Halmahera & Raja Ampat 11N/12D





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We propose the following itinerary which adheres to our ‘slow travel’ philosophy. This itinerary is highly recommended but can be modified to suit your taste and needs.

This sea voyage that connects the hidden pearl of Halmahera coastline to the paradise of Raja Ampat will call along of the most beautiful of these islands, some dressed in luxuriant vegetation, others coral atolls, drier and barren, and lined with swaying palms. 

Those archipelagos, however remote it may be, is an enchanting place for the adventurous travellers:  uninhabited islands set in deep blue seas, kaleidoscopic coral reefs never visited before. 

Welcome aboard for a highly extraordinary voyage of exploration!


  • Remote region off the beaten tracks

  • Great variety of scenery along the voyage that will change every morning: others coral atolls in emerald seas, jungle-clad mountain ranges with luxuriant vegetation teeming with wildlife, quiet coastal villages.

  • World-class beaches fringed with coral reef and emerald coves, not to mention a world of kaleidoscopic beauty under water.

  • Great chances to snorkel with manta rays

  • Spectacular panorama of Piaynemo: view point on the surrounding lagoon

 Day by Day 

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This itinerary should only be used as a guideline and may change according to weather conditions and also the sweet surprises and not-to-be-missed events that we may discover along the way.


Learn more about the 'Nomad experience' on this page.

DAY 1: 

Arrival in Manado. Transfer  to Bitung (1h).
After check in aboard the BUGIS and enjoy a first lunch on board,we will take a swim and snorkel one of the sites of the Lembeh Strait.

DAY 2:

Tifore: we will start our day with snorkelling dedicated to spot a school of barracudas. After that we take our first contact with the local population and visit the local village and hike toward the eastern village. In the afternoon we explore the lagoon on the other site of the island, Swim & snorkel and kayak in the lagoon along the beaches.

DAYS 3 & 4: 

The Goraici archipelago consist on a multitude of islet fringed with sand beach and coral reef. In one of then we will try to snorkel with manta rays.
We will explore the surrounded islands and some coastal villages hidden in the multiple bays around.
This will be 2 day of nature exploration, coastal raids with our zodiac, and some relaxing time on remote beaches.

DAYS 5 & 6: 

Upon arrival In the Bacan Islands group.
We start day here by exploring the lagoon with our kayak and paddle.
Following the main channel separating two of the bigger islands we will fine pristine beaches. We will go at local villages and organise a nature hike in surrounding forest.
On the next day we have the opportunity to make a tour in the local town.
That will take us to a reserve to observe a beautiful spice of butterfly and black macaque monkey. We will also visit old fort, a traditional market and nutmeg tree plantation.

DAY 7 :

The islets and lagoon located on the south of The Patinti strait island are appealing to be explored. Coral reefs, with sand beach, and seagypsies village hidden in lagoon waiting to discover.Surrounded by an ocean crystal clear those islands set off the beaten track and here westerners rarely set foot ashore. Village exploration, nature hike, beach, and exploration snorkeling /dives will be the order of the day.  Night sailing.

DAY 8: 

Kofiau is an oceanic island located in the heart of Raja Ampat.
That why the waters are usually crystal clear.
Morning we step ashore on a deserted island to organise a barbecue on a white sand beach. After that we continue our journey exploring coastal villages meeting their inhabitants to listen to their stories.

DAY 9: 

Fam Islands: a small archipelago located in the centre of the park. Many of those islets are still off the beaten track some dressed in luxuriant vegetation, others coral atolls, and lined with swaying palm trees.
We will explore the vicinity at closer range from our tender and return to the vessel at midday to sail to Piaynemo, one of the natural wonders of Raja Ampat. After a fantastic snorkeling we will hike on the top of the hill to enjoy the incredible scenery from the summit.

DAY 10:  

Our first stop of the day will be at Batanta Island to spot the resident Manta rays. From here Midday sail across the Dampier strait to the eastern tip of Gam island. We will enjoy a nice mooring between a beautiful beach and a friendly village that we won’t miss to visit.

DAY 11

For those who wake up early, our zodiac will take you in the dark to the village where a guide wil take you on a hike in the forest to spot the the gorgeous Wilson`s Bird of Paradise. After re-embarkation we may go snorkeling then we will continue our journey to Kri Island to enjoy our last and probably our best snorkeling day.
We keep an eye on the reef but also into the blue trying to spot some reef sharks, trevallies, school of fusiliers, bumphead parrotfish and others surgeonfish.
Late afternoon depart to Sorong our final destination.

DAY 12: 

Sorong. After breakfast we say goodbye to captain and crew of the BUGIS and we will transfer you to the airport.





(available for charter)





 Pricing & Inclusions 

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We apply a simple pricing structure. However, the inclusions and exclusions of each itinerary may vary. Please see the 'Inclusions and Exclusions' below.


  • Shared Trip (2023): $400/person/night  + additional distance fee if applicable

  • Private Charters (2023): $3000/8 persons/night + additional distance fee if applicable


  • Accommodation in a shared double bed cabin

  • All meals, snacks soft and hot drinks

  • Land excursions during the trip

  • Use of paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear and other amenities onboard 

  • Airport transfers from/to the closest airport


  • International and domestic flights

  • Visa entry fees (if any)

  • Port and park fees: $300 / pers

  • Fuel surcharge: $200 / pers

  • Beer, wine and liquors

  • Diving sesions and diving equipment rental

  • Single occupancy

  • Crew gratuities


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