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Sustainable Tourism, Slow Travel & Exploration


Explore with Purpose

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Our cruises are directly linked with our social business and non-profit activities, Nomad Plastic, our environmental activities through our NGO. Please watch our story

When boarding one of our boat, you will be embarking for an unforgettable voyage of discovery, but you will also contribute to further a different way of travel.

We are a small group of persons passionate about Indonesia, each with no less then 20 years of experience in cruising across the archipelago. Exploring this incredible country without consideration for local communities and the environment is no more an option for us.


Hence, our motto “Explore with purpose” was born.

Feel the excitement of true adventure
Feel the excitement of true adventure
Create lifetime memories with your family and friends
Create lifetime memories with your family and friends
Relax with an experienced team & comfortable boat
Relax with an experienced team & comfortable boat
Enjoy slow & flexible travel
Enjoy slow & flexible travel
Give back to the environment & communities
Give back to the environment & communities
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We are convinced that the best remains to be explored

Slow travel is not about staying still. It’s about taking more time to explore.

Only a fraction of the Indonesian archipelago has been mapped for tourism. Thousands of islands remain terra incognita as far as travel is concerned.

Exploring these unknown lands is what Nomad archipelago is all about. Of course, we will bring you to the best places we have discovered in the last 20 years of sailing and they are many.

But we will also spend time to go places where we have never been, hoping to discover fantastic new spots or passing our way if we find nothing exciting.

We connect with people

We strive to offer you a meaningful travel experience.


We will bring you to gorgeous places all along the trip. However, our cruises will also be about people.

Witnessing life in the villages can indeed be a rewarding experience. We want you to return from our trip with unforgettable memories of interacting with the locals: visiting a school, staying for a while on a fishing platform offshore, being welcome to a traditional ceremony and much more, this is an integral part of our voyages.


We embrace slow travel

An innovative way to travel for those who believe that time is a luxury. 

Nowadays, taking your time is a luxury. We don’t want to repeat on the boat the fast-paced way of living by rushing from one location to another with a tight schedule.


We believe that slow travel does not go by the book of traditional tourism and does not follow the rigid rules of the travel trade.

There is only an indicative day to day description of the itinerary.

It’s all about taking time to explore a particular area and having maximum flexibility in organizing our days.

We minimize our environmental impact

At Nomad Archipelago, we do our best to keep our environmental impact low

Onboard, we will be utilizing solar-powered electricity whenever possible, enforcing a no single-use plastic policy, using eco-friendly and biodegradable products to reduce waste to a minimum.


When anchoring for the night, no noisy generator will be disturbing your sleep. That is also why we have opted for fan-cooled cabins, all located on deck.

The same principle extends to what’s served on your plates daily which will be freshly cooked using locally-sourced ingredients only.



We empower local communities and give back to nature

Our view of sustainability goes beyond protecting the environment. 

Through our NGO Nomad Community, we have been building long-lasting bonds with nearly 10 villages so far, integrating a waste collection program, and so slowly but surely empower communities and help save the Ocean.


An allocation of our budget goes to supporting our NGO Nomad Community and Nomad Plastic allocates a budget to nature regeneration such as Marine Protected Areas with our partner Blue Finance. We are convinced that no nature = no business = no livelihoods. That’s why organizations of tomorrow invest in nature!


As opposed to avoiding local services as many boats do, we strive to use as much as possible local expertise: using local guides whenever possible, using local laundries, buying from local markets etc


Meet the Nomad Team

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Pierre Rousseau - Nomad Archipelago

Pierre Rousseau


Pierre is an Independent Consultant for Finance and Sustainability and Senior Strategic Advisor for Sustainability at BNP Paribas., with over 30 years of experience–25 of which were in Asia. 

He is very familiar with Indonesia as he has traveled to the country every year since he arrived in Asia. He quickly fell in love with the picturesque landscape as well as the cultural diversity the country has to offer. 

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Jean-Michel Chalant


Jean-Michel has been living in Indonesia for 20 years. He has worked for many years in the boat tourism industry, as a cruise director and scuba diving instructor, for different liveaboards.


He is familiar with Indonesia's varied local cultures and has excellent knowledge about our routes. He will be in charge of managing the operations from Indonesia, as well as guiding Nomad Archipelago’s guests aboard the Bugis during the first several cruises. 

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Denis Lejeune

Head of Operations

With his vast knowledge and experience in everything mechanical and electrical, Denis is in charge of overseeing the maintenance of our boat.  He has plenty of work experience in this field, including working in a shipyard for two years as a technical advisor for the construction of a wooden vessel.


As a manager of his own construction company, Denis is very adept at solving any technical issues that may arise.


End Plastic Pollution, Regenerate Nature

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A portion of our profits goes to financing our NGO, Nomad Plastic's various projects. By participating in our cruise trips, you will help us ensure the continuity of our projects, expand our reach and promote sustainable tourism in Indonesia.


Waste Management

With our pilot waste management initiative in Rangko Village, Labuan Bajo - just outside Komodo National Park - we work with the locals to reduce and recycle plastic waste, which has become a huge issue in the area.

In the future, we hope to cover more areas in Indonesia.

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Marine Protection

In Banggai Islands, one of the destinations we would also visit, we work with Tompotika Foundation and Blue Finance to protect the area's marine environment, which has been subject to illegal fishing for many years.


Waste to Fuel

We will use a groundbreaking method to fuel our boats, converting plastic waste into fuel through pyrolysis. 

Nomad Energy, a joint venture with a local operator GTM  will run the first-ever waste-to-fuel station for cruising boats in Indonesia collaborating with Plastic Odyssey. 

We aim to convert over 200 tons of plastic waste, collected through Nomad Plastic, into 140 tons of fuel per year to meet the needs of our boats. 

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