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Bajau "Sea Nomads" & Banggai Archipelago Ultimate 13D/12N





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Explore the secluded Banggai archipelago, explore untouched islands and villages, meet Indonesia's sea gypsies and jungle-dwellers, and have the best time of your life with this adventure-packed itinerary.

Note that this itinerary is highly recommended but can be modified to suit your taste and preferences.


  • The warm hospitality of the Bajau communities

  • Discover the Wana tribe

  • Explore untouched islands & villages

  • Lunch and dinner barbecues on empty white sandy beaches

  • Exceptional snorkeling on remote and pristine reefs. 

  • Give back and help protect the environment

  • Highly recommended for photographers

 Day by Day 

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This itinerary should only be used as a guideline and may change according to weather conditions and also the sweet surprises and not-to-be-missed events that we may discover along the way.


Learn more about the 'Nomad experience' on this page.


  • Kendari: Embark on the Bugis and sail to Saponda Island.

  • Saponda: Snorkel on nearby reefs and swim in crystal clear water. Followed by the first sunset drinks.


  • Padea Atoll: Exploration with visits to Bajau villages–rarely frequented by foreigners. Followed by snorkeling and swimming on remote beaches and a short night at sea.


  • Sombori Islands a.k.a. ‘Little Raja Ampat’: Exploration of the many bays and coves and a visit to a Bajau village. Followed by an afternoon of zodiac exploration, beach combing and snorkeling on the uninhabited eastern islands.


  • ‘Secret Island’: Morning stop on a tiny island with white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

  • Tadinang Islands: Exploration and visits to its villages and secluded beaches.

DAY 5 & 6: Morowali National Park

  • Exploration of a 2,250 square kilometer of untouched rainforest, placid lakes, and raging rivers.

  • Early visit to the town of Kolonodale for a visit to the local market to stock up on fresh produce followed by a visit to the bay with its isolated villages and secluded islands.

  • On a second day, a trip upriver to two quiet and serene lakes surrounded by tall mountains using Wana tribe’s unique motorized longboats, followed by a trip to a forest settlement of the jungle-dwelling Wana tribe and a late afternoon sailing to Banggai Archipelago.

DAY 7: Banggai Archipelago

  • First Stop: Snorkeling and kayaking  at an isolated and submerged atoll followed by a short midday sail.

  • Sago Islands: Get up close and personal with the local Bajau people who engage in octopus fishing. Experience their techniques and way of life. Sunset on an isolated beach.

DAY 8: Banggai Archipelago

  • Burung Island: Visit a local village, Masibuk

  • Blue” mangroves: Snorkel inside a fantastic lagoon where mangrove trees grow in crystal clear waters with unique “blue” mangroves with spectacular reefs growing within the trees. Juvenile fish can be seen in all their kaleidoscopic colors.

  • Afternoon: Explore rarely visited nearby islands where we indulge in the spirit of adventure that defines our slow cruises.

DAY 9: Banggai Archipelago

  • Bokan Islands: Snorkeling session followed by a visit to another Bajau village to experience their daily lives. 

  • Afternoon: Explore various coastal areas where we can see the endemic Banggai cardinal fish as well as a stingless jellyfish lake.

DAY 10:  Banggai Archipelago

  • Toropot Village: A village mostly built on the sea, used as a trading place by fishermen from surrounding villages. Connect with the villagers and enjoy some snorkeling, swimming, and short hikes. Followed by a BBQ at the beach. 

DAY 11: Banggai Archipelago

  • Poposi Island: Zodiac raid in a large bay where conservation is taking place mainly to protect the populations of Banggai cardinal fish and their mangrove habitat. 

DAY 12: Banggai Archipelago

  • Tompotika Marine Conservation: Tour of the area with which our foundation is associated, followed by a hike from one village to the next, passing through clove plantations. Later, we’ll enjoy some fantastic snorkeling on the area’s best reefs followed by a final crossing to Luwuk. 

DAY 13

  • Luwuk: Early visit to the town market and lunch onboard. Transfer to the airport.










 Pricing & Inclusions 

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We apply a simple pricing structure. However, the inclusions and exclusions of each itinerary may vary. Please see the 'Inclusions and Exclusions' below.


  • Shared Trip (2024): $400/person/night  + additional distance fee if applicable

  • Private Charters (2024): $3000/8 persons/night + additional distance fee if applicable


  • Accommodation in a shared double bed cabin

  • All meals, snacks soft and hot drinks

  • Land excursions during the trip

  • Use of paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear and other amenities onboard 

  • Airport transfers from/to the closest airport


  • Harbor and park fees 200/person/trip

  • Alcoholic Beverage

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transfer from hotel

  • Onboard or Local Purchases

  • Passenger Surcharge (+75% from the trip  cost)

  • Crew and Cruise Director gratuities (Tips on  board recommended 5% to 10% of  published rates)



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