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Wakatobi to Komodo 11N/12D





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We propose the following itinerary which adheres to our ‘slow travel’ philosophy. This itinerary is highly recommended but can be modified to suit your taste and needs.


  • Visit three National parks in a single trip.

  • Explore the remote islands and the atoll of Flores sea.

  • Enjoy world-class beaches and snorkeling.

  • Encounter the fascinating “Bajo” people and their way of life.

 Day by Day 

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This itinerary should only be used as a guideline and may change according to weather conditions and also the sweet surprises and not-to-be-missed events that we may discover along the way.


Learn more about the 'Nomad experience' on this page.


Upon arrival at Kendari Airport, we will transfer to the harbor where we embark on our vessel, the BUGIS. While sailing, our cruise director will provide a briefing to familiarize you with the vessel and our safety procedures. In the late afternoon we will meet the local community of Saponda island.

DAY 2:

Wake up to the breathtaking vista of Wangi Wangi  Island in the morning. Our day begins with a visit to  Bajo Mola, the original Bajo village on Wangi Wangi  Island, established 65 years ago. Join our crew as we  embark on a shopping adventure to the local market  to gather fresh produce. Following an exciting  snorkeling session near the boat and exploring this  beautiful region.

DAY 3 & 4:

We will drop the anchor early morning at the southern  tip of Hoga island, nearby Kaledupa Island. Fringed by  mangrove forest and beaches shaded by coconut trees,  those islands have a lot to offer for the two days we’ll  spend there. A visit to a Bajo village entirely built on stilts  above the sea is a must. In the past these `sea gypsies`  were more nomadic, living on their boats. Today they  live more sedentariously in houses on stilts but they still  rely.

DAY 5:

With its high cliffs towering over a heavenly beach  lined with coconut trees, Batuata is definitely one of the  most scenic island of the region. After setting foot  ashore, we pay respect to the local Chief, ask for  permission to go around and see the island. We visit  the local school, hear the children singing the latest  local hits. This is truly a remote place, far away from  other islands and you will definitely enjoy the  remoteness of it.

DAY 6, 7 & 8:

We spend three full days exploring the many islands of  the Taka Bonerate National Park, some inhabited, most  empty. There will be plenty of beach combing,  snorkeling, zodiac exploration in lagoon, visits villages  with hordes of children in tow, meeting the locals and  of course beach BBQ on remote beaches.

DAY 9:

After a night of navigation, we arrive at Bonerate  island, in the middle of the Flores Sea. We visit the main  village: sandy streets, traditional houses built on stilts  and elegant Lambo boats being built on the beach.  Midday, we cross the narrow strait to the eastern tip of  Kalao island and anchor along a spectacular beach.  Snorkeling on a nearby reef, hike to the nearby village.  Apero on the beach at sunset and quite night at  anchor.

DAY 10:

After this journey, we will arrive in the morning on the north coast of Flores along a beautiful beach. We will visit a picturesque fishing village where our Nomad Plastic foundation has set up a plastic waste collection system. In the late afternoon, we will witness a sunset while observing a flock of bats.

DAY 11:

Today we will start by an early trek Rinca Island, to see the famous “Komodo dragon”. After the hike and the visit of the museum, we will go back to the boat, have a swim along a nice beach and sail to Karang Makassar to explore, a superb reef surrounded by a lovely beach where Manta ray and turtles can often be spotted.

DAY 12:

You will wake up along a charming little island just 30 min away from the harbor. There, you can unwind on a delightful beach and explore the vibrant marine life after that, we say farewell to the crew and we will transfer you to the airport with a great memory to keep. 










 Pricing & Inclusions 

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We apply a simple pricing structure. However, the inclusions and exclusions of each itinerary may vary. Please see the 'Inclusions and Exclusions' below.


  • Shared Trip (2024): $400/person/night

  • Private Charters (2024): $3000/8 persons/night + additional distance fee if applicable


  • Accommodation in a shared double bed cabin

  • All meals, snacks soft and hot drinks

  • Land excursions during the trip

  • Use of paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear and other amenities onboard 

  • Airport transfers from/to the closest airport


  • Harbor and park fees 200/person/trip

  • Alcoholic Beverage

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transfer from hotel

  • Onboard or Local Purchases

  • Passenger Surcharge (+75% from the trip  cost)

  • Crew and Cruise Director gratuities (Tips on  board recommended 5% to 10% of  published rates)



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