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Togian Islands 8N/9D





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We propose the following itinerary which adheres to our ‘slow travel’ philosophy. This itinerary is highly recommended but can be modified to suit your taste and needs.

This sea voyage of over 600 nautical miles will linger mostly in the Togian archipelago and the Tomini bay where no less then 499 island lay scattered.

The Togian Archipelago is essentially inhabited by the Bajau people, also called Sea Gypsies or Sea Nomads, for the various products collected from the sea – fish, octopus, trepang, sea weed etc.. – is their exclusive livelihood, shaping their identity. 

They live exclusively in villages by the sea – often right on the sea – in houses built on stilts. Given their exceptional adaptation to a maritime environment, they are also known to be highly skilled free divers. Meeting with these Bajau communities will take a good part of our time.

The Togian National Park is also a place of outstanding natural beauty with many forest-clad islands, tiny uninhabited islets, innumerable beaches, spectacular coral reefs and gorgeous vistas.

Welcome aboard.


  • The warm hospitality of the Bajau communities

  • Great variety of scenery along the voyage.

  • World-class beaches fringed with coral reef and emerald coves, not to mention a world of kaleidoscopic beauty under water

 Day by Day 

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This itinerary should only be used as a guideline and may change according to weather conditions and also the sweet surprises and not-to-be-missed events that we may discover along the way.


Learn more about the 'Nomad experience' on this page.

DAY 1: 

Upon arrival at Luwuk airport, transfer to the harbour where we board our boat, the BUGIS. We’ll sail for two hours while your cruise director gives you a general briefing to familiarize you with the vessel and our safety procedures.

Late afternoon, we make a swim stop in a lovely bay, if time permits.

We’ll weigh anchor during the night to sail along the coast.


Early morning, we will hike through the local village and surroundings, passing through cloves plantations. We will also visit the Tompotika Marine Conservation area to which our foundation is associated: we will meet the staff who take us around and explain their conservation work in detail.  We’ll have time for some snorkeling on the best reefs of the area.

After two hours navigation at midday, we visit a conversation center of the Maleo bird, a specie of megapode endemic to Sulawesi.  We end the days on the beach next to the boat. Night at sea.

DAY 3:

We reach the Togian Archipelago early morning and we start the day by hiking between villages inhabited by the Bajau on the island of Walea Kodi. Early  afternoon, we reach the island of  Talatakoh. 

With our zodiac, we’ll explore the many islets, coves and passages doting the southern coast of the island, stopping here and there for some snorkelling or beach combing.

DAY 4: 

We continue our exploration by visiting this morning the Bajau village of Lebiti on main island Togian. In the afternoon, we take our zodiac to explore more lagoons and maybe discover some secluded hamlets.

DAY 5: 

Early morning, if the conditions allow, we shall sail in the narrow passage separating Togian and Batukada sialnds to reach the village of Wakai where we’ll visit the market. Later in the morning, swimming and snorkelling in a secluded spot. In the afternoon, we visit the the island of Una Una, an active volcano dotted with coastal villages. We visit the village of Kalolio then spend the rest of the day exploring the surroundings.

DAY 6: 

We reach the island of Malenge at daybreak. We spend the morning on a beach at the eastern end of the island: swimming, snorkelling and zodiac rides along the coast.  In the afternoon, we explore a couple of villages and we Finnish the day at the northern tip of Walea Kodi.

DAY 7: 

We reach Puah, the most remote island of the Tomini bay, surrounded bysmaller ones. We start by visiting a tiny islet, tiny enough to walk all around along the beach. It is not impossible that we’ll meet local Bajau fishermen who regularly spend several days in makeshift shelters on a beach while fishing and drying their catch. In the afternoon, we’ll do some island hoping from one paradise-like islet to the next. Late afternoon, we depart for our longest navigation of the trip. During the night, we’ll pass the equator.

DAY 8: 

We sail upward of the northern peninsula of Sulawesi. On the way, we’ll make several stop on various beaches until we find the perfect one for a Barbecue. and will spend the afternoon in the Rototok bay: more beaches, more small islands, more snorkeling and more beachcombing. We set sail in the night in the direction of Bitung, our final destination.

DAY 9: 

After breakfast, transfer to Manado airport (about an hour) to take your return flight.










 Pricing & Inclusions 

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We apply a simple pricing structure. However, the inclusions and exclusions of each itinerary may vary. Please see the 'Inclusions and Exclusions' below.


  • Shared Trip (2024): $400/person/night  + additional distance fee if applicable

  • Private Charters (2024): $3000/8 persons/night + additional distance fee if applicable


  • Accommodation in a shared double bed cabin

  • All meals, snacks soft and hot drinks

  • Land excursions during the trip

  • Use of paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear and other amenities onboard 

  • Airport transfers from/to the closest airport


  • Harbor and park fees 200/person/trip

  • Alcoholic Beverage

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transfer from hotel

  • Onboard or Local Purchases

  • Passenger Surcharge (+75% from the trip  cost)

  • Crew and Cruise Director gratuities (Tips on  board recommended 5% to 10% of  published rates)



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